Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat


The Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat is the ultimate foundation style base coat. It is ideal for natural nails with ridges or discoloration and it leaves your nails with a smooth base, ready for polish.

Because fashion always starts at the fingertips, Essie’s chip resistant formula and outstanding durability is not only easy to apply and fast drying, but will give your nails superb coverage and a professional finish.

Top nail technicians, models, editors and celebrities such as Madonna, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford and Gillian Anderson, are all amongst Essie’s biggest fans and you too could shine with Essie’s fabulous range of colours and treatments.

Directions of Use:
– Always apply nail varnish remover before doing your nails even if don’t need to remove any old polish, it prepares the nails by removing any grease so that your polish will last longer
– Generously apply basecoat of Seche Base using 8-10 strokes
– Apply 2 coats of your favourite Essie Nail Colour under and over your nail sealing edges
– Finally apply Essie’s fast drying Seche Vite to seal colour and prolong durability

Product Description

  • 15ml